The BEST Landing Spot in Fortnite! (Easy Wins)

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    Best Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 3 Gameplay with Typical Gamer!

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Slumber Shinobi 馃巶 +53
Slumber Shinobi 馃巶

Pro Tip: Always keep your SMG in hand, in the new season (and chapter) Shotguns arent that good, I suggest to use the shotgun as your first shot in a close fight, but then swap to your smg because of the insane fire rate.

Elliott Langford +1
Elliott Langford

TG thank you so much for this bc I actually got my first solo win with this location so thank you! I couldn鈥檛 be more grateful for the information you gave to me and your viewers. Guys this man is a Fortnite pro and a genius bc what ever information he gives you it鈥檚 true. Thank you TG. We all love u 鉂わ笍

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Thierno Diallo +3
Thierno Diallo

Thank you I was so confused where to land when the chapter just came out thank you sooo much

Muhanad Musharbash +19
Muhanad Musharbash

Greasy grove used to be my iconic landing spot so when I came back in chapter 1 I was so happy and I鈥檓 even more happier that it鈥檚 back for an entire chapter

Asulttroop +50

The amount of range that smog has is unbelievable

Darkmaster55 +12

I like the Pirate Ship,you have 2-3 chests,4 Ammo box,a lot of food and a guaranted supply drop,its just roaming around the map,the location of the ship change every game.

J Agress +3
J Agress

Love your content man so entertaining

Rosenberg Rodriguez +1
Rosenberg Rodriguez

I love the SMG鈥檚 especially when I see them legendary or over rare

Bob Bunger +1
Bob Bunger

how does he travel across the hole map in about one game it's insane

dcoog anml +1
dcoog anml

Tg is the best YouTuber he always tells us the best spots to land and stuff he鈥檚 the best

Pee pee poo poo check +1
Pee pee poo poo check

Tg is the best YouTuber he always tells us the best spots to land and stuff he鈥檚 the best

Guitar Boy +5
Guitar Boy


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cyclo47 +18

Hi TG I just wanted to say thank you bro, thank you for everything you鈥檝e done for me such as inspiring me to do many things in life including this YouTube channel, not only that but you motivate me and others to make sure to keep going and to not stop.Cause we start for a reason we start to keep going. So again thank you so much bro.(day 4)

Zayn No Limit +30
Zayn No Limit

This is the most inspiring content I've ever seen, very original..

Noah Harris +53
Noah Harris

Med spray is one of the best heals in my opinion


You can knok the guards down then bring them there it is easier :D

Matthias Neo +8
Matthias Neo

on the first day of the new chapter. I found one of the vaults but I was playing solo's, so I found another solo and swung my pickaxe at him trying to be friendly. I gave him a chili pepper and he followed me to the vault. We then opened it and he left giving me all the loot. And I went on to win that game and that player... was never to be seen again ;-;

Fahad&Dima 賮賴丿 賵丿賷賲賴
Fahad&Dima 賮賴丿 賵丿賷賲賴

Thank you I will use this to get good Loot/and maybe win.

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CoupleofDubz +22

We gotta try this spot out!! Probably gonna see the whole lobby landing there once everyone sees this video 馃槀馃槀 this video is making us so excited to drop a ch 3 video this week! We can't wait 馃槏

Beast_slayer +2

Thanks it really helped I got 1 win because I saw this video, so thank you 馃檹馃徎