Fortnite CHAPTER 3 - Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

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    Fortnite CHAPTER 3 - Everything NEW EXPLAINED!
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Pluto V2 +2
Pluto V2

This chapter has fully brought everyone back, they said this is the most players they have ever had at a launch of a season.

Padaw8n +130

This update is CRAZY! I love the MK and am so happy that shifty and greasy are back!

PineappleThePine +365

Things To Note:

feuto p +44
feuto p

One thing most people don’t bring up is the modern look and feel it has now. Most of the houses and pois have a futuristic/modern look. It feels totally different than Ch1 and 2

woq +44

I love the biomes and hopefully some diverse poi’s will come soon, but I absolutely love what we have so far! I hope the snow doesn’t recede too far after tilted gets uncovered tho

Team Adore +7
Team Adore

Can we all agree that when He uploads our days get better! 💖

TitanGod420∞ +599

I don't care what anyone else thinks, chapter 3 is a smash hit so far. I love the new guns, new biomes, new buildings, I love it all.

pyt +44

The group chests are already here. You can find them in all the Foundation outposts. All you need to do is get all your teammates to the chest and have them stand in front of the camera and it will open VERY slowly though. There are three Foundation Chests and one Port-A-Potty that takes you near the outpost.

Dark +252

On flat land, there's a new way to get great speed with the slide feature: slide, jump, and slide again.

Royaled +4

Here’s a tip for using the tent

The Crusader +19
The Crusader

This season has managed to feel like how Fortnite should. I’m of the opinion that the game isn’t improved by making things more complicated. The primal season had guns that felt clunky, the alien season felt…. Well alien I suppose 😂 And finally the whole cube apocalypse season was just fairly average. Not bad, but nothing ground breaking. This season however feels like how the game should. I haven’t had this much fun since Chapter 2 Season 1-3. In my opinion that is like the prime of the game and this is giving me those pure Fortnite vibes.

expensivecub 150 +3
expensivecub 150

You're likely to find the group chest at the Sanctuary and you need your squad to identify.

Fishstick price +224
Fishstick price

Actually love this season. The sliding, the map, the guns. It’s insane! Also, you forgot about tilted!

Estw8r +3


Nayan Jayaram +6
Nayan Jayaram

I noticed while landing on a boat in the water on the edge of the map (the boat contains slurp barrels, IO chests, and what seems to be a new type of chest with a Seven like design), but an interesting secret is in the water near the boat, a giant robotic arm can be seen at the bottom of the ocean. Possibly the return of Mecha Team Leader??🤔

Physics +1

Actually hyped now! Lets go Fortnite

CloneXG101 +4

for those who don't know foundation and all seven sentries are actually neutral and won't attack you on sight, only when you attack them

Mama Llama
Mama Llama

Love the update Details you give for this chapter! Great kverview! Thank you! A great Daily Go to channel!

Arav Wadhwa +32
Arav Wadhwa

I love this new chapter, but the only problem I have are tents. To explain, I have a good feeling that people are now going to store very powerful weapons in tents, and utlize the tent feature, to not have to find any powerful guns. This could easily be very broken and it does take away from Fortnite's central idea of the loop where every single game, you restart, and nothing is saved.

Chips +7

I just realized that chapter three is the exact shape of the old map. Theory: The black hole event in season X just flipped the island, and all of the characters in chapter one "flipped" to chapter two. In chapter two, the queen altered the zero point and flipped the island AGAIN. That means we are back where we started.