Richard Hammond Parallel Parks The *French* Way 🇫🇷

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    We don't recommend using this parking method anywhere in the UK...or in any countries really 😬
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The Grand Tour +6
The Grand Tour

Have you seen Carnage A Trois? What was your favourite moment? 🧐

21 dzień temu
Ambre Weisse +12
Ambre Weisse

I'm French and I was like, "no that's not how we park, what the ?" and then he said "in Paris" and well. That's accurate

Dzień temu
currenlysad +87

I'm Parisian and this is just how we make our fashionably careless entrances.

7 godzin temu
Michael spat +4
Michael spat

I live in Paris and even if it's exaggerated, it's still quite true, you can easily spend 30min to 1h looking for a place to park so as soon as you see a place which is exactly the size of your car with like 10cm more, you go for it by slightly pushing the cars with the bumpers, but not to literally push the cars away but just to fit in the space

Dzień temu
Jean-Karim Bockstael +1
Jean-Karim Bockstael

This is entertainment so of course there's a bit of artistic license:

Dzień temu
J F +450

Imagine parking in front of the building then later on when you leave finding your car 2 blocks down shoved in an alleyway and just being like “awe there it is!”

21 godzinę temu
E Rico +14
E Rico

I’d like to imagine that every car’s bumpers in Paris are all crushed and everyone is fine with it.

14 dni temu
Tempest Blaze +1
Tempest Blaze

I literally can't tell if this dude's making a comedy or if this dude's been legit whatever it is it's very entertaining and I find it funny

5 godzin temu
tealatte-eth +294

As someone who just moved to France last summer, I can confirm this is very true and absolutely hilarious

Dzień temu
Copr +1

I’ve seen the full episode of this and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time

2 godzin temu
aola wili
aola wili

It's not that extreme, but finding a parking space is really hard so you have to do with what you've got. Still, you do it gentler TvT

2 godzin temu
JuicyJoey +16

I love how Parisians are looking at this video and not saying it’s exaggerated at least a little bit lmao

14 dni temu
roses.forsaken +93

Finding out they literally bump their way into a space is blowing my mind rn

19 godzin temu
Lise Lecika +176
Lise Lecika

It's not that extreme, but finding a parking space is really hard so you have to do with what you've got.

Dzień temu
Kraken Demos +211
Kraken Demos

I was in Paris years ago. The smart car was new, and I saw one get on the sidewalk. They were swerving concrete pillars, to drop down off the curb and push another car forward, until they got all four wheels of the smart car down the curb. The poor guy he was rear-ending was then pinched bumper to bumper with the surrounding cars. The stupid car driver, I mean smart car driver, got out and walked off like nothing. That space couldn't fit a motorcycle! I was there for 2 weeks and saw this scenario go on at least 4 times! Go to France, get rental insurance lol!

Dzień temu
Jacob Gardner +130
Jacob Gardner

Whenever British person says anything like this I just automatically believe it

21 godzinę temu
Dented Trumpet +13
Dented Trumpet

Love how most of the world would throw a tantrum if you looked at their car wrong and Parisians are just like "It's called a bumper for a reason."

Dzień temu
Luis Olais +48
Luis Olais

This is actually really clever, i mean, if cars were designed more sturdy for bumps, and this were legal parking would be so much easier

7 godzin temu

lmao this is why the 3 top gear guys can never be replaced. All legends

7 godzin temu
Dustin Johnson +79
Dustin Johnson

The person who builds the 1st tiny car that can turn the front and rear wheels 90° is going to be a billionaire.

Dzień temu


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